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Tuesday, June 07, 2005


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I agree with all you have said about journaling. I started about 15 years ago as a means to figure out what was going on in that pile of noodles I had in my head. Years later, I can say that I am no longer filled with a confusion of noodles, and I owe it all to the drawings, doodles, and self investigating I did (and continue to do) in my journals. When I read the pages of my first one, filled with tiny smooshed together words, I can really see how far I have come. It also makes me excited to know that I will be that much more inlightened in another 15 years.

Thank you for sharing you journal page, I really love the girl and the buttons page, it has a really interesting composition.
:) niki


dona, your thoughts on the physical journal-ness of your journal is true: those lines are durn restricting! i was having that thought and wanting a new journal fo the same reasons of feeling more creative.

i also think you're brave for allowing people to see your sketches and journals- i am not ready to share.


Your art journal pages and your entries here are wonderful! It is interesting to me that you date your pages. I never date my pages unless I am travelling. I don't even usually go in order in my journals~ some pages feel more right for working on at a certain time than others. I must ponder putting the dates on my pages.


i love going through old journals. i can see how far i've come.
thanks for posting yours!!

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