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Sunday, May 21, 2006


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A is for Artichokes
B for Brussel Sprouts (later in the summer)...

I love this idea, and have been playing with this sense of bioregionalism since before moving out from Minnesota, where it is a whole different game.

I think we're a little warmer in Redwood City than you with your lovely coastal fog, our garden, in her raised strawbale beds, is about a month ahead of you, with flowers on the peppers and some of the tomatoes already, woot! (We also have tomato starts that haven't gone in yet in their 4" pot nurseries). there's something about puttering through a garden that just sings to the soul.
Having learned of the local Los Altos plant swap (last weekend in April; there's another one last weekend in September, apparently) from the Dave's Garden website, we came away with, among other things, a fourth type of strawberry, and set up the hanging basket again, with that in it: a trailing variety, which gave up its first berry today. It's amazing how different the cultivars taste.

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