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  • To pay attention, this is our endless and proper work. - Mary Oliver
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Friday, October 27, 2006


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I love this because it is so true. Earlier this year (after I had made about 100 collage paintings from my Common Denominator series), I tried my hand at abstract paintings again.

And I sucked. It was so upsetting to me, I was like, yeesh, why can't I paint an abstract anymore!?!?!? Then it hit me - duh, you work on the Common Denominator series every single day. OF COURSE it looks polished and the pieces come easier.

We are high achievers, aren't we, expecting success in each and every aspect of our life, forgetting the hard work it has taken in areas we already have success.

Good post.


I love her work, it is simply divine. I envy you watching her to do her thing. I know she is right. What a way to think of it - spending as much time as I do at work on my art. I wish I could make that time for it.

I am going to set up a space for painting this weekend. My little art room is too full of stuff.

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