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Sunday, August 05, 2007


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Alyson B. Stanfield

I can't wait to read DEF&G!


I love what you are doing with the alphabet. I've been so caught up in my own little life lately that I haven't stopped to smell the scones, or snuggle with a cat, and your photos made me realize how valuable those experiences are to me.

And books . . . oh yes!


I miss your posts. More??


Just about everything you wrote in this post resonated with me. I too have become a photography "shutterbug" and really enjoy seeing the different aspects of things through the lens.

And color...delicious color!!!


i also stumbled upon here via bridgette's blog. i just love that first photo -- what a vibrant spirit! loving the alphabet of you so far!

Mary Beth Shaw

You are such a brilliant photographer and your painting ability is reflected all over your photos imo. Lovely.

I would be so thrilled and flattered to have you in my class at Artfest. That would r-o-c-k!!!

And, to remove paint from carpet...if it's still wet(doubtful) blot, blot, blot as much up as you can with a damp paper towel. Then clean with Oxy Clean or Simple Green. Apply the cleaner then blot blot blot till it lightens and eventually disappears. If it's dry, try chipping it off first if you can then treating the stain as above. You may want to trim the carpet fibers if it's not in a main area. When all else fails, throw down more paint and deem it a decorating choice.


i came your way via bridgette's blog and i'm glad i did!! i've enjoyed reading about your via the alphabet and seeing your lovely pics!

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