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Sunday, March 02, 2008


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We've had such a lovely week here Dona. Everything's blooming and spring has sprung early. Hope you're enjoying your trip.


I live 35 miles from London (and work there too) and we have daffodils and cherry blossom in abundance! You'll be fine! Have a great/ safe trip.


I'm across the water in Belgium, we get England's weather more often than not and we've had lovely mild weather lately ... 17c celsius the other day.

The only thing ... I'm kind of hoping your not coming anytime in the next few days as we just heard this morning, rain, sleet and low temps but I swear, it hasn't been like that. Even the magnolia trees are in bloom out on the streets.

Travel safe and have a lovely time.


what a fabulous place to go.
i hope you'll have time to explore and play...and that your wife is getting to go too.


London? Good for you. How long? Keep me posted. I am having the same problem with not wanting to pack to move. Ugh. I get your seasonal dilemma. I don't really understand my problem. Should move, need to move, must move....could peace and sanity and tranquility be there for me on the other side? So, why don't I pack? I think simply because I don't like to, right? Who does? I always put it off and I guess I always pull it off somehow too. Have to remember that. Next two days off. Must Pack. When do you leave for London?
Oh, and yes it's hard to leave the Spring for London now, but think how lovely, warm and welcoming our weather will be upon your return home too ; )


Yes, here in Oxfordshire, not too far from London, we have signs of spring - daffodils are out and there is blossom on the trees.


Daffodils are usually an April event, but you might be lucky this year. Check out the news release at this VERY LONG link:


Love, Mom

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