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Friday, May 09, 2008


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Kirsten Liske


Ganesha: always laughing, always a hand out ready to assist, forever guider of words and learning. A perfect choice for your tiny book capturing your gigantic life.

My friend Tracy recently wrote: "Do I still experience a deep sadness that has no name? Of course! It just comes with being human. Sometimes I think that there are just four or five deep pools of human emotion and our job is to practice swimming in all of them so we come to know their empty underwater contours and not just the seemingly endless stretch of their surface tension."

Keep diving deep.

I love your practice and think I too need to ask that question over and over until the part of me holed up, holding its breath behind the door, holding tight on the padlock gets comfortable and curious enough to silently spin the combination, slip the lock off the door, its focus on the consistent, friendly, sure voice asking the question growing so intent that soon the lock is dangling unconsciously at the end of a slack arm, face peeking around the half open door, smiling, holding with the other hand a wish list and maps for all the places that my sweet heart wants to go.

Toward that end on my end I am proposing to work 34 hours per week to my boss next fiscal year so that more weeks of the month than not I have a Friday off. Wish me luck! (As I do you)

I'm off to the islands with my journal in hand this weekend. I will definitely think of you and send the kelpy salted channel kisses your way.


It's good to know that no matter how hard things are, that the simple bravery in putting one foot in front of the other is what gets us through. I forget my journal for long stretches of time, but even 'just' the daily drawings remind me of the things I long for and the things for which I am most grateful. Wishing you peace and strength...

Mary Beth

Wish I could give you a hug. This is such a difficult time. Your journal is so important. And yes, you do have everything you need already inside of you :-)


Well, I cried when I read your comment to me, and I cried again when I came over here and read this post. Thank you for your words. Both the ones to me...they mean so much, and came at just the right moment...and these that are for the world at large, but are indicative not only of your strength and power and grace under fire, but your wisdom that also serves as a reminder to us all of something so easy to forget...that all we need we already have, right here inside of us.

I have thought of you often since Artfest and send good thoughts your way every time I do. I hope you can feel it!

Missin' you!

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