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Thursday, June 05, 2008


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I know exactly how you feel. And since I have been all out of sorts and therefore out of the garden lately the chores waiting for me there now seem so overwhelming, but even just bending to pull a few weeds often leads to much more, and thus, a sense of accomplishment and of setting things right in a much larger sense as well. I love the list and reminder idea...gonna steal that one from ya! Maybe my poor pot plants won't be so thirsty in between waterings that way! How the hell are ya' anyway??

Kirsten Liske

my journalling this morning was plants too. I was just looking at the jasmine covering my fence, fistfuls of sweet white stars and thought "shit! that plant made that nectar that nose those shiny green leaves out of sunlight and water" . How does sunlight and water make the jasmine flower? The sugar snaps proudly proffered by the pea tendril curling up the trellis?

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