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Wednesday, July 23, 2008


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hey there-

I think your the person I have been trying to touch base with in regard to the Artfest fatbook I'm hosting. Are you still playing? Did you mail your pages? If not do you have them ready to go? Please shoot me a email letting me know the scoop as the email I have for you doesnt seem to be working. thanks

Kirsten Liske

just noticing two blogs ago you had no words in your windows, and today, a huge bouquet of them.

Stephanie T.

i've been lurking festal friend...
i know what you are going through...i've been there more than once and desperately trying not to be there after day, the
only thing between me and divorce are two kids ...i wait until they are in bed, when the lights are out for a movie, or just hidden in a corner of the yard where they can't see my face twisted in tears and hurt
we are so good at covering it one would guess (we look so perfect-happy-happy together)... but it's like dying from the outside in

we are women in transition...and sometimes transition just sucks


These thoughts and the analogy are very poignant. Sending healing, patient and caring thoughts your way.


I think of you often. I hope you know that if you were to fall apart there are those of us that may be unable to be there physically but would be there none the less. It is ok to open up, remember "pain is weakness escaping"...not "the feeling of the pain where people can see means that you are weak"! I hope you get my meaning. You WILL be ok. Every day will not be great, or even good. But gradually, often without your even realizing, the good ones will be outnumber the bad. Be gentle with yourself. Be true to yourself. And please know that you are not alone. Ever.


stay focused. remember, this will not be the worst thing that ever happens to you. and nothing like anguish to light the fire inside. Sending you hugs and good energy.


It is a great picture but my comment has more to do with your emotional state. You ARE holding up remarkably well but, even to someone who doesn't know you well, your fragility is there. I knew there was more going on and have been hoping for an opening to ask you to release some of it. Perhaps I, barely more than a stranger, am not the right person but the need is there. I can see it. I hope there is someone you feel safe enough to open up is there for you.


this is such a great picture. I had a good time talking to you at BlogHer. We should get together and hang out and talk about food and pictures.


I've been lurking for a while now but I just had to come out of hiding to say what a fantastic picture this is. I love the fading away effect.

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