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Monday, November 10, 2008


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Kirsten Liske

cherries not the best for drying as the skins are a challenge in the dehydrator.

gophers, here, ay i! A huge challenge. Lets chat this weekend!

Good winter dreaming, this summer garden reflecting. Keep at it so the sun comes back for us.


You completely inspire me! I will try to remember to come back to this post in the planting season.


had i been able to go to thailand, i am sure i would know exactly what you meant when you said 'so much of my life has much of who i am has changed.' you know i understand that. it is really too bad we haven't been able to meet. i think i know part of what you're talking about, i just don't know the whole story. if you ever want someone to 'talk' to, i'd be happy to be that person. for some reason i feel that we are more alike than not. okay, novel done.
ps: i LOVE home grown tomatoes. i can't believe you get them until november! ours end in august here. humpf.


i remember having bunnies in our backyard and my mom putting chicken wire a few inches underneathe the pen she made for them, so they wouldnt dig out and escape. might this work for your garden?


I love reading about your garden. It gives me a thrill to see how much you enjoy your veggies - much like I do. I planted my potatos in a 'no-dig', layered bed before I left for Thailand, and put about 30cm (10inches) of straw, manure, compost etc on top of them. By the time I got home they were all above the layers, ready to have the next layer added on top. Looks like it could be a whopper of a crop.

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