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Tuesday, January 03, 2012


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As parents we had no choice to take care of our children even if we are sick. 24/7 taking care of them no rest days,it's our duty our life.


Wish I had been there . . . you could have taken her to Grandma's for a couple of hours. But then, you knew that already and were being kind enough not to mention it in your post. :)


A few ideas just popped in...
Take a bath together :) paint on the wall or yourselves with washable nontoxic paint. Your already in the tub. Easy clean up! Or...
Color a picture (you) with crayons while she toddles (or tries to eat the crayons). This is what I did today when I was feeling seriously dozy (I'm a nanny for a 2 year old these days) we sang Farmer in the dell while I drew pictures of the characters and she peeled paper off crayons. (i think shr was trying to smoke the white one :/ ) Or...
YouTube Caspar Babypants. One can not stay bored & dozy with Caspar in the house! Googly Eyes? Yes please!
Tomorrow looks 64' & sunny, sounds pretty good from my Pacific NW perspective. Bundle up and hit the beach. Sounds like a good day for digging holes in the sand, toddling or just inhaling some salt air while your toes curl into the sand. (wishing I was there!)


At the moment I have no answers or mama wisdom, even though ive been throuh it 3 times. It's been "one of those days ". Just wanted to send you some love and a 'I totally get how you feel'. It is 10:28 "Cupertino time" (pst) and my wish for you is that by now, you are cuddling in front of a fire with your sweetie enjoying a glass of wine and some time where you are needed by nobody. Quiet time :)

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