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Monday, February 13, 2012


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Doña Bumgarner

Thank you, thank you, lovely.

I think she's a bit better today - her fever broke early this morning and she slept deeply for several hours past that. Woke and nursed and went back to sleep and was still out when the sitter arrived and I snuck out to the coffee shop to write.  I realized last night how lucky I am to have such an independent child.  Last night she wanted to be in my arms or me be on the floor playing with her CONSTANTLY and it was exhausting.  I like my little healthy girl's attitude so much better!

I hope you are all well today.  Great news about Clare's little Hannah, huh? :)


jo marks

Beautiful writing, I nodded many times as I read this. I have been guilty of holding back my joy on Facebook because of the sorrow of someone else ... it's tricky. I hope your little Princess is well again soon, and just so you know (I'm sure you do!) the worrying/watching/fear doesn't end as they get older, you just learn to rationalise a bit better! mwah xx


Fiercely and Deeply. At full tilt. I love it!

I remember sleeping on the floor of my son's room to remain out of sight but to stay close enough when he started rolling over onto his stomach (way too young), but couldn't roll back over onto his back.

We mothers do love deeply and fiercely and do some crazy, amazing, self-sacrificing things to prove it.

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