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Wednesday, May 23, 2012


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I loved this post! I have been blogging a while too and have had a sort of scattered area of focus. One thing I've recently (re)learned is how real and important some of my blogging friendships have been to me.

(I've been reading your blog a while but have never commented. I don't know why not.)

Doña Bumgarner

Blogging every day is intense!  Do you schedule daily posts all the time, even outside of the blogathon?  If so, my hat is off to you!


Beth Zare

I liked what you said about sleeping on it. As a daily blogger I don't always have the opportunity to do this and sometimes I do "phone it in." That also leads me to be obsessed with my blog and spend hours "not living."
Thanks for all the tips.

Julie F in St. Louis, MO

Yesterday I was on the road all day driving home from an intense writing conference and just didn't have the brain space to do this topic. I haven't been blogging as long as you have, but you've said everything I would have written. So perhaps for tomorrow's post I'll just have a link to this post and write "What she said. . . "

Annette Gendler

Being yourself is not as easy as it sounds, and as you say, I think blogging is a great tool to find your voice.

Lee Isbell

Well put, Doña.

I'm a new-ish blogger, just over two years, which is long enough to discover that it takes more time to do than I would have thought, and when you're in some kind of rush to post, your blogging software chooses that moment to misbehave.


Great tips. Thanks Doña!

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