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Thursday, May 17, 2012


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Julie F in St. Louis, MO

You're not the only one whose day can be ruined if she stops to think about this failure. Only mine is not about a baby book. My kids were 7 and 8 when adopted from Russia. All the adoption books talked about making adoption books from the first form you fill out all the way through their first year at home and beyond. But the experience was too overwhelming. I still want to organize my photos (pre-digital), but my kids were there, they know what happened. It is what it is, I say. I have enough greater failings as a parent to beat myself up over that one.

Lindsey Royal Anderson

It wasn't my intention to keep up with Willie's baby book, it just happened, like a journal (I have far too many journals to admit here), and we got a sweet bright pink journal just after Willa was born and it fit. So I wrote our birth story first, just to get it down. Next I put a few pictures (a few of the hundreds upon hundreds) and left pages for a few more. In this technological age, no doubt Willa will have the chance to see the thousands of photos we took, if she so desires later. Then anything cool, any story I wanted to remember, any first I wrote in the book when I remembered, about every few months a new entry went in. I also asked Cody to do the same (there are two or three from him). I included some special notes from grandparents and aunt and uncle. I included some really funny daily logs when I was documenting everything she did in order to time her peeing and pooping, she even pooped a bit on the book once.

I have envelopes in the book (glued in backwards) so I can include special things without gluing them in. I keep it simple and have no attachments to the book or the commitment and thus it comes about effortlessly. If I'm too busy, I find something else to include versus writing. If I have lots of time, I type a letter to her about what is going on in our lives.

I think it's about what feels good. I have two baby books from my childhood, one that my mom made when I was a baby. I love that one. But there is one she made when I was graduating high school that I actually love more. She was older and so was I, it actually includes my whole life up to that point, which was special. Both my parents wrote heartfelt letters and the book is really treasured.

I think it's most about staying in the moment with your baby, too, which you're good at doing. So, I think Bean will love whatever memories you capture of her childhood.

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