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Thursday, May 31, 2012


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I love this roundup of what you learned! I feel the same way about Twitter, but am hesitant to take time from other pursuits to be more active there. Hmmm...wonder if I should be there at all. Such good thoughts here. And your "Give Up The Life You Planned Post"? Just beautiful. Be like water. I'm going to look for that mug!

Julie F in St. Louis, MO

I need to study my own stats more closely. This post gave me some ideas on how to organize that review. I'm glad I found your blog on the blogathon.

Doña Bumgarner

Thank you, Donna.  That's such wonderful feedback!


Annette Gendler

First of all, congrats! Regarding Twitter, last year everybody in the Blogathon followed everybody else, and so we all got some followers. Sadly that did not happen this year, at least not for me, even though I'm listed in Michelle's #blog2012 list. But I've been on Twitter for a while and can tell you it is a nice tool to make connections, totally out of the blue, but you do have to interact, retweet and follow others and slowly you will see results. It's just like any other social media platform. You have to interact for others to interact with you.


Congrats! I really enjoy your writing style. It reads like you are just chatting with me but you are sharing what would not normally be shared when we are talking to one another. Thanks!

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